Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Young Aspiring Actress Killed By Subway Train Early Saturday Morning

New York police are still investigating the death of a young aspiring actress who was killed by a subway train early Saturday morning.

Authorities say Helen McDonald Phalon, 21, of Brooklyn, New York, died after she was hit and dragged by a southbound No. 6 subway train at the Union Square station in Manhattan around 3am.

New York Police indicated Phalon’s got her clothes or body parts caught by the train as it pulled into the station.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment Phalon was dragged a ways on the platform before she ultimately was pulled onto the tracks where she was killed, police said.

The Metro Transit Authority cut power to the tracks as emergency responders tried to save Phalon who was pronounced dead at the scene.

‘Preliminary investigation indicates [Phalon’s death was] accidental, however, the investigation is ongoing,’ New York police said in an emailed statement.

McDonald-Phalon had moved to New York City from South Carolina with dreams of becoming an actress, her mother told the WSJ.

‘She was an amazing, beautiful light, and I’m devastated,’ Ms McDonald-Phalon told the newspaper.

She was working at ThinkGeek in Manhattan at the time of her death. Some of her co-workers mourned her passing on Facebook Saturday and Sunday.

‘This Holiday weekend has brought with it some tragic news,’ ThinkGeek posted on its Facebook page where it promoted a GoFundMe account for Phalon’s family on Sunday.

‘[Helen] was an amazing person to work with and simply a good-hearted individual,’ the company added. ‘Helen was a deeply caring, empathetic, and most of all humorous person.

A true beacon of joy and positivity to all those fortunate enough to know her, or know of her. … Though this loss has dimmed our lives for the moment, we keep her memories alive in our hearts. We love you, Helen!’

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