Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Naked Man Strolls Down Texas Highway Stunning Many

A man turned heads on a Texas highway by strolling along the shoulder in his birthday suit.  

Bizarre footage recorded by a man in a passing car shows the unidentified pedestrian making his way down a six-lane highway in San Antonio without a single article of clothing on Thursday.

‘What the heck?’ the man says from behind the camera as someone else in the car tells him to call 911 on the naked nature-walker.

All of the passengers in the car erupt in a fit of laughter as they process what they’ve just seen.

A similar sighting was reported earlier this month in Florida, where a nude woman was seen calmly crossing a busy Interstate 95 near Flagler Beach on March 22.

Passing driver Richard Griffin recorded a video of the unusual incident in which he can be heard saying: ‘Oh my god the s*** that goes on here. Freakin’ on 95,’ before honking his horn.

The nude woman can be seen checking for any on coming vehicles before crossing the road.

After making it half way across, a pickup truck speeds right past her and before she skips across the highway back to her car.

‘The peculiar thing was the lady was pretty calm about the whole thing when she was walking across the street, even though there were vehicles going by,’ Griffin told local news outlet WESH.

Following behind the bare woman was a fully clothed man, seen carrying a dog.

‘People do love their animals so I do understand that, I just don’t know if people unclothe themselves before attempting to save their animals,’ Griffin said.

Griffin added that the naked woman and the dressed man made it safely to their car with their dog, before driving away.

He took to his Facebook and shared the eye-catching clip with his friends.

One joked in the comments: ‘Only in Florida.’

While another wrote: ‘Surprised there weren’t any reported accidents in the vicinity.’

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