Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Man Shoots And Kills A Firefighter And Injures A Cop After They Saved His Life From An Overdose

Emergency services received a phone call about a man who had overdosed in a bus and they quickly responded resulting to them saving the man’s life.

But things took a turn to the worse after the man started getting nervous as the cops interviewed him about his situation.

During the interview, the police asked what he had hooked to his belt on the side and the man noted it was his phone before one cop approached the man  to have a closer look.

The man told off the cop noting that he didn’t like cops touching him because it made him nervous and overreacting.

Body cam footage shows the man opening fire on first responders who just saved his life after treating him for an overdose.

The man fired and killed firefighter and injured police officer.

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