Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Italy’s Former Prime Minister Says He Was Lucky To Work With Obama And Not Trump

Italy’s former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said he is lucky not to have had to work with President Donald Trump, telling MMH that he preferred former President Barack Obama’s style of leadership.

“I’m a really lucky man because I worked with Barack Obama and not Donald Trump,” Renzi, who was Italy’s prime minister from early 2014 to late 2016, told MMH.

Obama’s style involved people and countries, he said, mentioning some “very strong decisions” that were made about the coalition in the Middle East, specifically in Iraq.

“But now with Trump, with a tweet (he announced) ‘We’ve come back from Syria, from Iraq, from Afghanistan’ — with a tweet? This is the style? I think it’s a problem,” Renzi, a member and former leader of the center-left Democratic Party, said.

Renzi’s comments on Trump come at a time of tension between the U.S. and Europe as a whole, with Trump threatening to impose import tariffs on European cars.

Trump would likely get along with Italy’s current populist coalition government, however, which is made up of the right-wing Lega party which campaigned on an anti-immigration manifesto, and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement.

“I believe President Trump has to understand the (U.S.’s) relationship with the EU is not in his hands. It’s a historical relationship, it’s a historical friendship so it’s impossible to cancel it with a tweet,” he said.

A spokesperson for the White House wasn’t immediately available for comment when contacted by MMH.

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