Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Here Is How Everybody Is Pictures Of Themselves Of What They Will Look Like When They Get Old

Everyone’s suddenly posting pictures of what they might look like when they’re old. People are posting results on Twitter, and it’s provided a few good laughs in our work chat. If you’re wondering how they’re doing this, it’s by using an an app called FaceApp, which is now the top trending free app in the iTunes App Store. You can download and use for free for three days.

The app’s privacy policy said it collects the pictures you upload to its service, so keep in mind that it’s keeping the selfies you take. Also be warned that one developer, Joshua Nozzi, said on Twitter that it appears the app may try to upload other pictures from your library. If you’re concerned about this, don’t give it access to your photos when it asks, just access to the camera.

  • Open the app and decline the subscription offer
  • Tap the camera button in the middle of the screen
  • Take a picture of yourself and tap ‘use’ on the bottom
  • Choose ‘old’.. and Boom
  • Tap more filters, like ‘young.’ I never looked like this
  • Mess around, there are some fun ones, like hipster. I think I look good with a beard.
  • And, when you’re done, delete the app by pressing and holding it on the home screen and then tapping the tiny x.


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