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Dr Alyona Verdy Under Investigation For Crippling And Disfiguring A Dozen Patients

Dr Alyona Verdy, whose real name is given as Antonina Gorbunova, is under investigation for ‘crippling’ or ‘disfiguring’ a dozen patients.

Branded ‘Frankenstein’ by women who have gone under her scalpel, she carried out some surgeries in a closet in her cellar at home using the light on her mobile phone, alleges pro-Kremlin REN TV.

One patient ‘lost her nose’ while another complained her genitals were ‘lifted up’ to the wrong place and her skin looked like ‘fish tails’.

A patient told how she was left in agony with a gaping ‘hole’ in one breast after a boob job.

Verdy – in her 30s – has denied the allegations against her to REN TV.

She claimed she quit the clinic where she worked in Krasnodar because of a lack of pain-reducing medicines.

And that her former superiors then launched a vendetta against her when they came under police suspicion over operations that led to disfigurement and death.

She denied responsibility for the patient who reportedly died at the clinic where she worked while admitting she was ‘fined’ over the case.

But the Russian Investigative Committee has made clear it is investigating allegations against the doctor amid a spate of claims from ex-patients with graphic pictures – and suspicions her qualifications are bogus, say the Russian media which is widely reporting the case.

Pictures – and video – here show her victims, according to Russian media reports.

Her former clinic boss in Krasnodar said Verdy, from Ukraine, had been suspended then fired after complaints over her work.

Dr Ivan Minenko said: ‘We found out about these cases when she was suspended from work and fired later.

‘When we asked people, why they did not report the situation six months earlier, they said: ‘She was our doctor, we thought she was in control’.

‘Then stories came out that made our hair stand on end.’

REN TV claimed: ‘In the pursuit of beauty, (patients) trusted Dr. Alena Verdi. At least, she calls herself a doctor.

‘Patients after acquaintance with her scalpel only call her Frankenstein.

‘The victims want to bring this woman to justice to the fullest extent of the law.’

One patient Anastasia Ismailova, 33, who sold her car to pay the ‘medic’ £3,100 for abdominoplasty, said: ‘She cut off a piece from under my chest and threw it out.

‘She sewed me, pulled me very tight.… My female genitals began to rise upward.

‘She sewed me so that skin sticking out of my sides like a fish tail.’

The surgeon assured the PE teacher ‘all was well’ but asked her not to return to the clinic but she instead attempted corrective surgery in her own home in an ‘insanitary closet’.

Afterwards Anastasia suffered acute pain and and was diagnosed with necrosis and seromas – fluid under the skin from leaking wounds.

She claimed Verdy carried out corrective surgeries on her at her home no less than six times.

‘Where ordinary housewives have knives and forks, she has scalpels and needles,’ she said.

‘Why I agreed – I do not even know, she somehow persuaded me.

‘She, humiliated you first, assuring you that you were a freak and that only she could help you. And you wanted to believe her.’

Afterwards she had a tumour removed and could not work.

Her relationship with her husband ‘deteriorated’.

‘My life now looks more like hell, so I promised myself win justice,’ she said.

‘I submitted my application to the Investigative Committee.’

Patient Evgenia Lanovaya claimed an operation to remove bags under her eyes – also in the doctor’s cellar – went askew.

Her lower eyelid was ‘turned inside out’.

She cannot close here eye, she said.

Elena Sokolova, 37, spent £2,300 on a boob job after childbirth.

‘I just want to tighten my chest and get rid of the asymmetry,’ she said.

‘When Elena removed the bandages, she almost fainted,’ reported Komsololskaya Pravda newspaper.

It was as if she had been operated on by a ‘butcher’ not a doctor.

Verdy ‘fell into a stupor’ when she saw the wounds.

‘She was shocked by her own work,’ said Elena.

‘I asked why I have a hole in my chest,’ she said.

She now faces expensive corrective surgery, she has been told.

Alana Mamaeva, wife of Russian footballer Pavel Mamaev, is campaigning for the victims and searching for surgeons to help them ‘correct’ the problems.

She also claimed patients were taking a group legal action to win compensation.

‘It is a shock for me that she was actually operating on people because she has truly crippled them,’ she said.

‘It is not just about a crippled body, it is a crippled life. People can’t live like this.

‘Even good surgeons are branded as butchers after cases like this.’

Verdy claimed that when she quit the clinic she started a ‘conflict’ over the drugs and this resulted in the accusations being made against her.

She denied reports she was ‘on the run’.

Her website says she now works in Moscow and the United Arab Emirates.

Russian law enforcement is seeking to locate Verdy, according to reports.

She has denied her qualifications are fake, saying her medical diplomas are from her native Ukraine.

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